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Carpet Cleaners In Watford

Carpet cleaning is an important aspect and a must-do thing at your home. Cleaning your home gives an advantage far more than you can think of. As far as cleanliness is concerned it comes after the godliness. therefore cleaning the sofas, sofa covers, and cushions. These form part of the environment where we relax when back home.

It does not feel good at all getting back home to find that the whole seating zone is dirty and all the sofas are dirty.

On the other hand, you cannot avoid this sort of environment because sometimes you cannot control dust flow out there. Again carpet and upholstery cleaning in Watford might be a bit complicated because you may not have the materials required to clean it, the skills required and time to clean. However, you should clean your carpets and upholstery regularly using a professional company like ourselves.

Why Choose Heros?

Happy Clients

Customers like the fact that our carpet cleaning service is affordable and available in Watford!

Best Prices

We have taken great care in our pricing policy so that it benefits everyone in the community.


Most of our floor, rug or sofa cleaning clients are repeat clients or customer referrals.


As a local safe carpet cleaner in Watford, we always try and look after the environment.

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Expert Carpet Cleaning Service!

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Rug Cleaning

Our rug cleaning service in Watford will be the best solution for a better living environment. Your kids and family will enjoy the benefits from it!

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Upholstery Cleaning

You should get your upholstery cleaned because it can help with your health. Clean upholstery means there is no dust or soil particles escaping.

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Grab the phone now and call to book a carpet, rug or sofa clean. We are experts at quoting over the phone without having to come to your home.


Affordable & Available!

Room Prices

1 Room = £45
2 Rooms = £69
3 Rooms = £85
4 Rooms = £99
5 Rooms = £119

full house prices

1 Bedroom House = £95
2 Bedroom House = £119
3 Bedroom House = £ASK
4 Bedroom House = £ASK
5 Bedroom House = £ASK

Other Prices

*Upholstery – 2 Seater = £35 & 3 Seater = £45

Footstool = £10

*Hallway, stairs & landing = call for price

*Rugs – small = £15, medium = £20, large = £25

Clean Carpets

Your room deserves quality air and good conditions for your living area means healthy living. The allergens collected within the upholstery or carpets can cause health problems. However, when cleaned the allergens and dust particles within the covers of the sofas and sitting area furniture is removed. This is especially so if a professional upholstery cleaner is contracted to handle that. You will avoid breathing health complications such as nose blockages and asthma.

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Vehicle Seating Cleaned!

One way to take care of your car is by making them clean and presentable. Dirty vehicle upholstery shows that they are old and they don’t look attractive nor presentable. Stains make them appear unpresentable an unbearable sight. The bright new colour that was once in your car or van fades as time goes by and cleaning the upholstery makes the colour stay bright. Therefore when ignored and left without cleaning, the upholstery fabric seating may become rugged and aged. You might be forced to cover them. However cleaning reverses all these prior processes. Just the way we look better and great when we take a shower so is our car seat upholstery after deep steam cleaning. The seating area will look presentable and you will always enjoy being back in your vehicle. The car seats and carpets or mats will look renewed and refreshed. Chances are that you picked out your car because you liked it, so why not treat it like you still do? Throughout the course of a normal day, your vehicle upholstery goes through wear and tear that can lead to serious damage over time so treat it to a clean!

Working In Watford

We are always extremely happy to clean carpets, rugs and upholstery in Watford. Whether your couch needs some general TLC or you want to preserve Grandma’s favourite armchair, professional carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning is the way to go.

Pets in your room and the kids might have made your room carpets dirty by accidents, and by walking through dirty areas then onto the upholstery. Teenagers might spill things such as the cheese and yogurt. Therefore fresh smell emanates from the upholstery only when cleaned. The air will be clean in there and you will look forward to being home each day.

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*Subject to minimum job price charge of £45

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